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Financing can be one of the most stressful aspects of buying a new home. We can help you release some of that stress. We are experts with the answers home buyers demands such as where can I get financing, what interest rate I should expect, and how much down payment will I need. We can provide information on different contract lengths, and how much of a monthly instalments should I expect to pay. These are just a few of the questions every home buyer has in mind. We can help you with answers to those questions and any others that you may have. We can conveniently take your credit information at our office; we will send it to multiple lenders to find you the best possible terms. Racin Home prides itself in giving home buyers the individualized attention most individuals desire.


Come see us for details on how you can pay for land and your home in one loan. At Racin Homes we can combine the purchase of your new home with the land to place it. In one stop, you can obtain quality housing for your family needs, land to set home, and competitive financing to make your dream a reality. All loans are carefully analyzed by our staff, including inspections of all real estate that is to be used as collateral, and then a loan package is presented to each customer for their inspection and approval.


Racin Homes is not an insurance company, but we know insurance. Insurance should not be overlooked when shopping for a new home. In today's market, especially in the Gulf Coast, insurance rates and payments can have a drastic effect on how much mortgage you will be able to ultimately afford. Our in-house insurance experts will be able to put you in contact wit a reputable broker, explain the different type of policies such as full replacement cost of your home, applicable deductibles, policy exclusions, terms & conditions, as well as answer any questions that you may have on different types of payment, and available plans..


Another important factor that should not be ignored when shopping for a new home is site improvements and permits. If you need to connect electricity to your new home, a sewer plant, plumbing and water connections, water wells, water pumps, decks, runners or a slab, we can recommend some very trustworthy and reliable contractors. We recommend them to you because we have inspected their work, and are reputable, reliable, and honest.


We provide complete living solutions consisting of a beautiful new home fully furnished with quality and durable furniture at affordable prices. We can suggest a wide selection of furniture for your new home whether you just need a finishing touch for the living room, a new dresser for the kids, an upgrade for your dining room or even an entire houseful of furniture. We at Racin Homes can get what you have been looking for.

We will help you obtain your new home.

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