Another important factor that should not be ignored when shopping for a new home is site improvements and permits. If you need to connect electricity to your new home, a sewer plant, plumbing and water connections, water wells, water pumps, decks, runners or a slab, we can recommend some very trustworthy and reliable contractors. We recommend them to you because we have inspected their work, and are reputable, reliable, and honest.



We look forward to serving you, our customer, and promise to provide the same level of quality, service and value in the future as we have in the past.

Did you know you can have the same types of flooring, ceiling accents, picture windows, skylights in a mobile home as a conventional home? Yes, you can! Come visit us and we will advise you on items that add value to your home such as Energy Efficiency, Salability, Flooring, Exterior Accents, Picture Windows and many more ideas our clients have completed.

Majestic Views

With a little imagination we were able to work with Diane and surround her dining room with three picture windows. The finish product was very appealing and it has become Diane’s favorite spot in her house.

Improved Kitchen

Our client wanted an updated look in the kitchen’s breakfast area. By consulting with our remodeling experts we were able to fulfill our clients request and the finished product looks very nice.